Disposavape Juul Pod – Maui Waui



Maui Waui, periodically called Maui Wowie, is a mainly Sativa hybrid that has been a popular strain that has been popular since it’s inception in the 1960s. Coming at a time when most weed were weak at around 8% THC max, Maui Waui right away set the cannabis world ablaze with it’s THC component in the teens. Maui Waui is a timeless cannabis vape strain that is a classic with over 50 years of history.

These days, it is regarded as a middle to high grade medicine that offers a familiar sativa high with a few indica benefits.


Consumers of Maui Waui report a happy and also lively high that can also elevate creative thinking. It provides a light as well as body tingling sensation along with common sativa hunger pangs so keep some snacks and beverages handy.

The Sativa effects of the strain can ease anxiety, anxiousness, tension, and persistent depression. The Indica side of maui Waui can work for easing persistent pains and aches. It is additionally utilized to promote appetite. Some customers use Maui Waui as drug for migraine.

TOP CALIBER, PG (propylene glycol) FREE

Beware of black market JUUL vape pods which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins. Many low quality products include pesticides and solvents and heavy metals for fillers.
Disposavape is manufactured to the highest quality standards and we use no solvents or harmful chemicals of any sort. We use organic cannabis terpenes with a top 90%+ THC distillate content. We use no PG (propylene glycol) or glycerin in our merchandise and all our pods are GMO free.

Disposavape came about due to the high quantity of dangerous black market THC pods that were in the market. That, together with home made hacks made by ripping apart cartridges and injecting them with cannabis oils encouraged us to come up with a better approach.

All Disposavape THC kits and THC vape pods are made to the highest quality with dangerous solvents or additives. We only use all natural cannabis terpenes with no PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), heavy metals or pesticides. Our products are GMO free for optimum purity.


Diposavape kits enable you to change out the JUUL compatible THC cartridges so you can alter the flavourings that you are using with each kit. This is very convenient for people who enjoy a variety of different tastes.

All our cannabis THC vape cartridges work with the JUUL vaporizer system. You don’t have to dump out what’s left in your oven to try something new. Just swap out the cartridge in seconds to enjoy a new breed. Switch whenever you like for the ultimate convenience without mess. Grab some extra capsules to suit all of your moods and effects.


You get everything you need to begin vaping with your favourite cannabis strain.

Each THC vape kit contains:

  • 1 JUUL battery
  • 1 gram THC pod with your favorite bud oil
  • 1 USB charger

Insert the THC cartridge into the battery pack and begin enjoying your vape on the go!


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