Wedding Cake Vape Kit



Wedding Cake called Birthday Cake or Pink Cookies, is a breed that leans on some popular genetics to yield a tasty flavour and a lovely high. It’s a cross between sour hybrid Cherry Pie along with the popular Girl Scout Cookies.

Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like any classic nuptial dessert most have ever tasted instead, its profile is chiefly sour and tangy with only a hint of creaminess.

Popular because of its high-value effects, Wedding Cake has both healthcare and recreational applications. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has founded flowers of the breed to have between 16 and 25% THC.


This breed’s high starts relatively quickly, taking hold mostly in the head. Users may find their thoughts to be intense or fast-paced, and may notice their environment more intensely.

Less than an hour after vaping, Wedding Cake’s indica side kicks in. Vapers might feel greater warmth and a pleasant heaviness that spreads through limbs and the spine. Even in the middle of this sedation, however, mental effects continue allowing users to feel distinctively “tuned in” to their environment.

HIGHEST QUALITY, VG (vegetable glycerin) FREE

Beware of black market JUUL vape pods which are full of harmful toxins and chemicals. Many quality products contain insecticides and pesticides and heavy metals for fillers.
Disposavape is manufactured to the highest quality standards and we use no additives or dangerous chemicals of any type. We use 100% natural cannabis terpenes with a top 90%+ THC distillate content. We use no PG (propylene glycol) or glycerin in our products and all our pods are GMO free.

Disposavape came about because of the high quantity of unsafe black market THC pods which were in the marketplace. That, together with dangerous homemade hacks made by ripping existing cartridges apart and injecting them with cannabis oils.
All Disposavape THC kits and THC vape pods are made to the highest quality with harmful solvents or additives. Our products are GMO free for purity.


Diposavape kits allow you to change out the JUUL compatible THC cartridges so you can alter the flavourings which you’re using with each kit. This is convenient for people who enjoy a variety of different tastes.
Our cannabis THC vape cartridges utilize the JUUL vaporizer system. No need to dump out what is left in your oven to attempt something new. Swap out the cartridge in seconds to enjoy a breed that is new. Switch whenever you like for the ultimate convenience. Grab some extra cartridges [link to pods page] to match effects and all of your different moods.


You get everything you need to start vaping with your favourite cannabis strain.

Each THC vape kit contains:

  • 1 JUUL compatible battery
  • 1 gram THC pod with your preferred weed strain
  • 1 USB charger

Just put the THC cartridge into the battery and begin enjoying your vape immediately!


Vape Pod Cartridge made with ALL Natural Cannabis Terpenes. No additives. No PG or VG.

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